For Startups

The success of a venture company totally depends on its ability to find a bright idea in the variety of offers it faces every day and develop it into a unique sustainable product. Vostok Ventures looks into every start-up that can showcase its unique selling points and passion for the result.

We also look out for prominent professional teams whom we can help grow further by applying their talent to the current projects. Our mentors are coaching several teams selected specifically to develop the projects in our existing portfolio.

Seed stage

Startup is rarely a straight path, and it takes a lot of thought and effort to find the working formula.

If you have a unique idea, or you have come up with an innovative solution to an existing problem, we will help you develop the concept, create a working prototype, come up with efficient market entry and monetization strategies.

At this stage we can invest from U.S.$20,000 up to U.S.$300,000.

Early Stage

If your startup is already up and running, but you are eager to boost its development, upgrade it to the new level or enter new markets, we are here to share our experience and help you with funding.

Our definition of early-stage investing is simple: more than just capital is required to achieve success. We become fully-fledged partners in your business and provide you with additional instruments to find the right path to success. These may include assistance in streamlining the technology, elaborating the business plan, recruitment strategy, tax efficient ownership and management structure, contractual documentation, sales and market expansion plans.

At this stage we can invest from U.S. $300,000.


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